Get the ENERGY whenever and wherever you need, Even there is a BLACKOUT, NO SUN and NO WIND...
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Energy Storage Systems help store excess energy for use overnight or when there is power-cut or to export back to the grid when you have more than you need.

Simply Home energy storage devices store electricity locally, for later consumption that can virtually eliminate blackouts and cut the cost of peak time’s power consumptions. When it is connected to a server via the internet, can theoretically be ordered to provide very short-term services to the energy grid:

* Reduced peak hour and elimination of blackouts

* Frequency correction

Integrating battery storage solution into the current system of the property, it will help to achieve to be independent, to save money and to live sustainably…

Teiszmann energy storage system gives you the POWER to harness the sun’s rays using state-of-the-art technology that will integrate into your home like any other household appliance, easily connecting and integrating into your home network. Teiszmann home storage units can also be programmed to exploit differential tariffs depending on the variable time and prices of each country.



Our system units can be configured, installed and commissioned as;

* Portable Electric Generator: Replacement of Diesel Generators for grid power-cut which can be charged with Photovoltaic or Grid support.

* Home Energy Storage Systems: Energy-Saving units for the peak times power consumption of the properties which should be charged at the off-peak times or with Photovoltaic during the day.

* All-in-one (Teiszmann GRIDBOOSTER including Smart Home ESS): Integrated with Teiszmann Solar Modules and Smart Home ESS in order to have 24 Hours very low cost and/or totally free Energy for the desired properties.