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EVs have been challenged primarily due to their limited range and drivers' "range anxiety," long charge times, and high cost. At home or at work locations, electric vehicles are typically charged using an AC wall box, which takes about eight hours. When on the road, people can use public AC charge posts or DC fast chargers, depending on their needs and the car they’re driving.

Fleets and companies typically use slow chargers installed in parking lots during the day, and most consumers use them at night when their cars are parked at home. Those who travel beyond the range of their electric vehicle can recharge at places they visit along the way, using public fast charging systems.

Key to increasing the adoption of electric vehicles is addressing consumers’ fears of running out of charge and getting stranded. This concern, commonly known as range anxiety, can be alleviated by a pervasive network of fast charging systems capable of recharging vehicles much faster than the eight or so hours required by standard residential systems.




“Teiszmann new extreme fast charge technology breaks down the barriers to electric vehicle adoption.“

We are opening the door to new business opportunities for companies looking to offer Fiber-fast charging units for electric vehicle that can charge the car in 10 Minutes.

The Fiber-Fast Charging Units can easily be placed at gas stations or close to commercial areas such as shopping malls, restaurants, cinemas, concert halls and inside parking garages. For that reason, drivers may soon be able to recharge their vehicles practically anywhere.

Our patented technology enables us the world leader in EV Fast-Charging industry.