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The battery storage as means of energy storage is known since more than 130 years, but a central importance is attached to it only by the volatile energy recovery. It is our objective to utilise this storage in an intelligent system in many different ways: On the one hand for (quick) charging of electric vehicles without additional network, demands, and on the other hand to support the network and increase the station supply.

Establishment of an energy storage network with integrated quick charging stations for electric vehicles is to optimise the utilisation of volatile renewable energies with a demonstration of the options for network relief, which can be realised by this network. The system uses an intelligent linkage of large and small-scale storage units.

Battery technology from TEISZMANN is accelerating the transition to renewable energy generation…

Teiszmann ESS units can provide optimal utilisation, storage, control and availability for;

*Renewable Energies

*Network Integration

*Network Relief (Grid Support)

*Quick Charging Infrastructure for Electric Mobility

The system is freely scalable and can be configured in the size of 1kWh up to any amount of MWh. Network operators can use it to stabilise their network, compensate for reactive power, smoothen peaks, etc. Monitoring and control via the Internet combined with automatic network monitoring, which shuts off network charging in the event of frequency decline and activates the network support in case of further frequency drop. A BMS capable of communication as well as efficient components are the key for success.

Teiszmann-Systems AG offers all storage architecture available in the market under one umbrella – with a management software suitable for standardised networking.