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PATENT: %80 Charge in 8 Minutes for all e-vehicles!

It is our objective to utilise energy storage in an intelligent system in many different ways: On the one hand for (quick) charging of electric vehicles without additional network demands, and on the other hand to support the network and increase the station supply.

Fiber-Fast Charging System is a quick-charging station for electric vehicles with a controlled process of the charging algorithms. The success of electro mobility depends on the density and functionality of the charging infra-structure.



We use an appropriately dimensioned buffer battery which is charged with constant power and/or regenerative and is able to deliver high charging capacity.

The charging capacity is controlled by battery-operated charging units (DC/DC).


Our stations have communication logic so that the unit can deliver the power and load curve desired for the particular vehicle. At the same time the energy can be charged via this communication (Can-bus, mobile phone, etc).



The core piece is a PFC (power factor controlled) charging unit with bidirectional function. This means that the charging device receives the power from the grid without phase shifting and without interference of reactive current.

The storage systems shall be initially linked via the Internet. An additional control management on the basis of FM radio being planned for reason of redundancy after clarification of the frequency bands.