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Teiszmann System AG is a Swiss-based subsidiary company that is wholly owned by the corporate holding of Teiszmann Group which is founded in 2005 and is located in Baar, SWITZERLAND.

The main activity of the company is to generate and invest in Technological innovation with its own RTD (Research and Technological Department).

Teiszmann System AG holds the patent of fast charging system for all type of electric vehicles and bidirectional buffer battery systems.

Teiszmann is convinced to become the world’s leading producer of energy storage systems which is one of a kind of buffer battery systems.

We offer products under our own brand and patent in the field of;

*Teiszmann GRIDBOOSTER: Energy Storage solutions in the Smart Grid environment.

*Teiszmann Fiber-Fast Charger: Fast- charging infrastructure for electric mobility.

Teiszmann AS Solar Modules: Highly efficient monocrystalline silicon solar cells.

Safe and Intelligent Technology

Teiszmann Systems offers all storage architecture available in the market under one umbrella – with management software (BMS) suitable for standardised networking.

Furthermore, Teiszmann-Systems AG is quite aware of the large responsibility regarding safe battery systems. From the variety of lithium battery types (cell chemistry, separator-type) available in the market we have therefore limited our product range to non-oxygen-reactive and thus non-explosive types in very rugged enclosures.

The high safety standards of the lithium batteries we use are confirmed by the test certificates of TÜV, UN, UL and IATA.


The Smartest System with Teiszmann BMS

Battery management systems are a necessary completion for any lithium battery system. Long service life, system stability and safety are the keywords why a BMS system is indispensable for trouble-free operation of the mobile or stationary energy storage system. Active cell voltage balance, current monitoring and temperature control are the tasks performed by a BMS system.

Our Premium Mad-in-Germany Solar Modules

Teiszmann AS Solar modules are 100% "Made in Germany". With our CO2 neutral production we guarantee a premium product according to German performance-and quality standards.

Latest manufacturing machines "Made in Germany" deliver, together with the latest testing technology, module series of the premium class. In the procurement of raw material for our products, we also pay attention to strictly "Made in Germany".

Over the years, Teiszmann repeatedly set new quality standards and continuous tests guarantee consistently high quality. Factory certified to ISO 9001 and each module undergoes a visual, technical and electrical inspection.