Get the ENERGY whenever and wherever you need, Even there is a BLACKOUT, NO SUN and NO WIND...
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Your commercial building needs a TECHNOLOGY that MUST bring you the economy, ecology, security and quality….with DURABILITY!

The only way to achieve all these requirements is to have a fully functional, turnkey grid energy storage system that is Tailor-made in order to cover all your needs in one concept.

This is what Teiszmann expert team does…


A Teiszmann storage system assists your large buildings to effectively use and manage your energy that leads to the reduction of the electricity bill.

If there is no solar system integrated on the building, the battery storage can be charged with low-priced night time electricity and at the day time electricity cost will be reduced by lowering peak demands.

By using battery storage unit together with Photovoltaic system will allow of using the FREE energy when there is NO SUN and that would make extra saving possible on the monthly cost for the building owners.



Battery storage systems are not bound to any topographic requirements and do not impair our natural environment.


Teiszmann-Systems AG is quite aware of the large responsibility regarding safe battery systems. From the variety of lithium battery types (cell chemistry, separator-type) available in the market we have therefore limited our product range to non-oxygen-reactive and thus non-explosive types in very rugged enclosures. The high safety standards of the lithium batteries we use are confirmed by the test certificates of TÜV, UN, UL and IATA.

Teiszmann battery systems are subject to the dangerous goods ordinance. The return of the battery systems is regulated in the battery law (BattG).



Teiszmann Systems offers all storage architecture available in the market under one umbrella – with management software (BMS) suitable for standardised networking.

Battery management systems are a necessary completion for any lithium battery system. Long service life, system stability and safety are the keywords why a BMS system is indispensable for trouble-free operation of the mobile or stationary energy storage system. Active cell voltage balance, current monitoring and temperature control are the tasks performed by a BMS system.


Teiszmann ESS system works either grid-connected or off-grid. The multi-level Teiszmann Battery Management System guarantees a safe and durable operation of the battery system.

With our system, you can ;

* secure grid stability in the power supply system including generation, transmission, and distribution

* enhance power quality by frequency regulation

* have a peak load reduction

* balancing the energy (continuous provision) from volatile power generation systems

* replace/ reduce of usage of diesel generators (DG) for backup power

* reduce your energy costs by avoiding peak time energy prices.


Municipalities, commercial businesses and industrial facilities with fluctuating energy consumption can all reap the benefits from Teiszmann GRIDBOOSTER Energy Storage Systems.



Teiszmann energy storage system gives companies freedom from the utility by storing energy created by the PV systems on your rooftops and accessing it when needed.