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Teiszmann System AG designs, manufactures and delivers ESS for utilities, project developers, distributors and EPCs for residential, commercial and utility markets. Teiszmann provides on/off grid, off-grid, handy power and micro-grid energy storage solutions from 0.4 kWh batteries to 3 MWh batteries and above. Our systems integrates with solar or independently to provide your businesses, factories and villas with continuous power day and night.

Teiszmann Commercial ESS is a custom-made, flexible and adaptable solution for grid energy storage applications. Utilities, municipalities, commercial businesses and industrial facilities with fluctuating energy consumption can all reap the benefits from Teiszmann Energy Storage Systems.

For commercial & industrial companies, our solutions help reduce utility costs, while at the same time improving power quality and reliability. In addition, the ESS facilitate the installation of own renewable energy system for cost-effective and eco-friendly power supply and even the generation of revenues by selling unused energy or grid-stabilizing services.

Product Features:

*High-tech lithium-ion battery: proven track-record with high life cycle and safety

*Scalable in power and energy, according to customer-specific needs

*Containerized solution: ease of transport and installation


Product Benefits:

*Co-locating the various renewable energy sources such as solar and wind generation profile

*Relieve grid congestion

*Increase local consumption

*Provide frequency regulation for stabilizing the power grid due to the ultra-fast response time and proven reliability

*Generate additional revenues in the energy trading market

*Reduce fuel consumption by replacing polluting and expensive diesel generation with clean and affordable energy in remote areas and islands

Teiszmann ESS is a key component for large-scale energy storage solutions for;

*.Virtual Power Plant

*Smart and Micro Grid Solutions

*Electricity Price Optimization

*Fiber -Fast EV Charging Systems


Teiszmann ESS units can provide optimal utilisation, storage, control and availability for;

*Renewable Energies

*Network Integration

*Network Relief (Grid Support)

*Quick Charging Infrastructure for Electric Mobility


Our patented technology allows EES to become a multifunctional energy storage unit;

Teiszmann Bidirectional Buffer Battery System(T-3B-S) = Energy Storage System (EES) + Fiber-Fast EV Charging System